Optical Experts

At New Vision Eyewear; all our staff are fully trained and highly experienced and can advise each client according to their individual needs.

Very few spectacle retailers have their own onsite laboratory.

The New Vision Eyewear onsite laboratory means you won’t have to wait long for your new specs and if they break, we can fix them - often while you wait. This service is invaluable if you depend on your specs for work or play.

Prescribing the correct lense is compromised if only one brand is available.

This is where our expertise shines.  Pupil centering, lenses thickness and design are just a few elements. Not all lense brands are the same - a multi focal from one supplier can perform differently to that of another supplier. We prescribe the brand and type of lenses that most benefits your vision and lifestyle.

The frame design ideally needs to suit your facial shape your taste and your pocket.

When it comes to choosing your new frame our staff are there to help.